What I’ve found is that in order to truly become limitless, to truly taste the freedom that life has to offer, you have to let go.  You have to let go of everything you think you are, what you think you know and just be willing to open your eyes.

The one thing that seems to be the harbinger of things getting better is despair.  The motivator that it is when you’ve finally plumbed down to its depths.  When your beliefs in things that have pulled you down to that vast emptiness get to be too heavy.  When they shackle you.  When all you have are bloody shins and blistered knees from tripping over those things that have held you down.

As you look to the world to define you you may well forget that your story was not one that was written by you.  The ink of free will is merely waiting for you to grasp your pen.  The tattered pants that are so ill fitting do not have to be the story that  you have to wear.  Gather up your courage and storm into your “closet” and be determined to throw out all of the things that neither fit your tastes or suits you.

Give your story the fighting chance to face the winds of change. To bend and breathe and choose which way the path will follow.

The ability to speak the truth is being blocked by your anger. Let it go.

Learn to feel the love flowing in and out of your heart by facing your sadness and letting go.  The friendships that you have not been able to commit yourself to due to fear and loneliness are but a choice away.

You will find that when you rise like a Phoenix that you have been reborn.  When you finally give it all up, evolve and do the work to grow.

You will be free.